Halvt møbleret værelse

(Semi-furnished room for rent)

virkeligheden gennem virkeligheden (Anne Elisabeth Eckersberg & Eau Pernice): Halvt møbleret værelse, 2019, immersive performance and halved furniture | Photo: I DO ART Agency

Venue: a private apartment in Copenhagen

In the performance Halvt møbleret værelse [Semi-furnished Room] (2019), the semi-furnished room that the audience is fictitiously invited to view and potentially rent is literally furnished with half items of furniture: half a table, half a bed, half a clothing rack. There is a levity to the work, a sense of mischief, as Eckersberg & Pernice intentionally creates misunderstandings and displacements to suggest that everything is not necessarily as it seems. Or that things are exactly how they are said.

The show was realised with the support of FDB Furniture, Bageriet Brød, Vesterbro Lokaludvalg, Københavns Kommune and Danish Art Workshops

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